Giovanni's Angel 


When Angel Bingham dies tragically in a car accident she leaves behind a young family and her loving husband, Giovanni. While coming to terms with his grief at the loss of his wife, Giovanni must also contend with his boss, Dayna Justice, the worst person he has ever worked for.
Dayna is underhanded and unscrupulous and takes no account of Giovanni’s heartbreak and all he wants to do is see out his contract, get away from her and start his own business.
But before this can happen, Dayna is shot by one of her clients. The near-death experience suddenly changes her and she becomes like a different woman, much more like Angel than he could have imagined.
The change is so complete that Giovanni starts to have feelings for her, something which is a complete surprise to him. But what he cannot possibly know, is that his wife, taken too soon and offered a second chance, has returned to him in the body of someone he loathes.
Will the truth be told? Will Giovanni accept it? And is it possible he could ever come to love his dead wife, when she is reincarnated in the body of his hated boss?